Quality Assurance

    NHTI Quality Assurance

    NHTI's commitment to providing the finest quality hospitality, retail and tourism training manifests itself in many ways.

    As one would expect in a leading educational institute, internally, NHTI conducts regular audits of its processes and consults students both formally and informally on their experiences.

    Externally, there are a number of guarantees of the quality of NHTIís courses and processes. These are as follows.

    BIHR: The parent Institute- BIHR holds the prestigious global quality assurance standard ISO 9001-2000 an independent certification of the Institute's stringent quality control policies. The same policies and procedures are adopted for NHTI. BIHR team audits NHTI operations for ensuring the quality delivery of products and services

    The NHTI Advisory Council composed of owners and managers from leading hospitality, retail and tourism organizations in the Kingdom provides the perfect forum for identifying the industry's evolving needs and upgrading the Institute's curriculum to meet these requirements. Feedback is actively sought from all Council members on the quality and performance of the Institute's graduates in order to highlight any areas which need further development

    ARA: The Australian Retailersí Association which jointly awards NHTI qualifications in retail (see our ĎPartnersí link) regularly conducts independent audits of educational and administrative processes to ensure quality standards are met and developed

    The Training-in-Partnership (TIP) concept allows employers to interact with employees during the training process, assess their strengths and weaknesses, and suggest improvements. The TIP concept is a unique method of assuring that employers get the quality of employees they are looking for, while the Institute's trainees have rewarding placements waiting for them as soon as they graduate

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