On Job Training

    Hospitality, Tourism and Retails Programs require students to perform field experience, widely known as On-the-Job Training (OJT). The underlying philosophy is to integrate classroom studies with supervised practical work experience directly related to academic and career goals. As an integral part of the course requirements each full time student enrolled in the NHTI must complete a stipulated amount of appropriate and acceptable employment in an approved organization within a relevant industry. OJT gives students the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned in classes. Students will be working at a basic operational level in a relevant business experiencing long hours, real customers, supervisors and colleagues. You may be required to work in shifts, week-ends, public holidays. OJT is the chance to learn about the people you may one day be managing.  OJT has a number of objectives as shown in the following list:
  • To obtain a realistic working experience
  • To work at an operational level experiencing real customers
  • To develop job knowledge and skills
  • To recognize personal strengths and weaknesses and develop personal abilities
  • To understand and accept professional etiquette
  • To prepare for professional involvement and increased responsibility
  • To strengthen application for permanent employment Students should view the work experience as the beginning of a career ladder. Potential employers will look for a variety of work experience and/or a progression of job responsibilities in helping to determine the qualification of graduates.

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